Ten Friendly Reminders for a Fulfilling Life.

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Being overly self-focused can feel like being stuck in a lonely prison.

Real personal growth happens when you follow your heart and soul, rather than constantly seeking others’ approval.

Starting a new life with Jesus brings fresh perspectives, motivations, and a sense of purpose.

A great marriage thrives when you choose to show love every day, rather than just meeting each other’s needs.

Christianity is all about striving to be more like Christ, rather than just focusing on what happens after we’re gone.

There’s a real struggle between darkness and light, with darkness trying to hold back the good things.

Bearing lots of fruit is about living like Christ, not just showing up at church.

Your actions and desires truly show what you believe in, not just your words.

Jesus went above and beyond for us, and that’s something worth getting excited about!

Loving others is the real test of your relationship with God, more than just saying a prayer or claiming to be saved.