Welcome to my blog, a haven for spiritual exploration and compassionate dialogue. Amidst a world often marred by division and self-interest, I extend an invitation to journey with me towards deeper understanding, genuine compassion, and transformative growth. My name is Jeff, and after enduring years of trials and tribulations akin to the school of hard knocks I was ordained into the ministry just last year. Awakening to the profound disarray of our world, where deception flows like an endless ocean, initially left me feeling disillusioned and despondent. However, I soon discovered a path illuminated by countless souls who relinquished control and embraced enlightenment and salvation. As I embarked on this journey, a profound shift occurred, altering how others perceived me in ways I struggle to articulate. Now, I find myself on a grand adventure, seeking to unravel life's greatest mysteries: Who are we, and what defines "right" and "fair"? Join me as we navigate these profound questions together.

The inspiration for this blog sparked when I realized the depth of responsibility that comes with raising a large family. It dawned on me that amidst life's brightest moments and darkest hours, there's invaluable wisdom to be shared a legacy of lessons meant not only for my children but for anyone seeking guidance. As I navigate the journey of parenthood, my aspirations are simple yet profound: to provide a stable home for my family, impart the knowledge I wish I had known earlier, and instill in my children and others the power of presence, focus, and mindfulness. Life is a delicate balance of cherishing the present while learning from the past and aspiring towards the future, all without dwelling excessively on either. My hope is to live each day to its fullest, embracing compassion, and inspiring others to join me on this meaningful journey.

At the core of my journey lies a profound belief in the transformative power of repentance, redemption, and the pursuit of genuine happiness rooted in love and compassion. Embracing the teachings of both Christianity and Buddhism, I find solace in the shared wisdom and compassion inherent in each tradition. As a young man, I fervently invited Christ into my heart, only to stumble and disappoint both myself and the Christian community. Yet, it was during a moment of awakening, two decades later, that I experienced a profound shift a release from pain and fear that could only be attributed to divine intervention. In that instant, I was compelled to share the simplicity of surrendering and allowing the Holy Spirit to fill one's cup. My aim is to guide others, especially those new to the path of righteousness, through the pitfalls of darkness and the lure of temptation, safeguarding the fruits of their labor. Through this convergence of faiths, I aspire to cultivate a more inclusive and holistic approach to spirituality one that transcends religious confines and embraces the universal truths uniting us all.

Here, you'll find a diverse array of topics and discussions aimed at nurturing the soul, cultivating empathy, and inspiring personal transformation. Whether you're grappling with moral dilemmas, seeking guidance on your spiritual journey, or simply looking for a community of kindred spirits, you'll find a welcoming space to explore, reflect, and grow.

I believe that true happiness and fulfillment are found not in the pursuit of selfish desires, but in the selfless service of others and the cultivation of a compassionate heart. Together, let us strive to embody the teachings of Christ and Buddha alike, walking the path of love, forgiveness, and genuine compassion.

Thank you for joining me on this sacred journey. May our shared exploration of faith and compassion bring us closer to the divine and to one another.

I will never ask for donations or money. However, I also will not turn down legitimate help. My goal is to grow this into a community of like-minded followers of light and compassion. Whether you are the salt or the light of the earth, all are welcome but manners and compassion are required at all times. I left a stable career in I.T. to focus on helping others and myself in the process.


Brother Jeff

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